A person’s beauty in somebody else’s eyes, in my opinion, is rather transient. You think a person is beautiful, they stay in your mind for a day, two days, a week, a month, but then they are just gone. The beauty of nature, on the other hand, appears to be perpetual. The grandeur and magnificence of nature, that is embedded in one’s heart, and the images of nature witnessed by someone linger somewhere in their mind at all times.

They say nature has the power to heal. I could not agree more.

It is unexplainable, how nature can comfort someone, without touch, without words. It is far beyond any human capability. Nature can alleviate pain, the deepest of it. When life comes to a standstill, the bliss of nature is always around us, ready to help us, even when nobody else will, all we have to do is realize its presence.

When sadness, which comes with mortality, consumes me, I picture myself, standing at the top of a hill. Inside my heart, a feeling of tranquility and solitude. Peace, wrapped around me like a blanket to protect me from the cold of the world. Sometimes when I picture it, there is a drizzle, sometimes it rains, and sometimes it pours. It depicts life.

I get isolate myself from the world. Some mistake this to be the torturous sense of loneliness. It is solitude. There is all the difference in the world.

I feel tall, peering over the string of hills. The peaks, alternating up and down, much like life. A perfect display of life’s resemblance with nature. I see in front of me, the ups and downs, the highs and lows. The sight lightens my sorrow. I reminisce the fact that sadness is transient, fleeting, after every valley, there is another hill.

Being amidst nature is not some place we get to be every day, considering the busy lives most people have today. This puts emphasis on the fact that we must embrace nature when we have the chance to.

It is indescribable, how nature can make me want to be somewhere I am not. Its simplicity abounds with greatness. It makes me see extraordinary in ordinary.

Nature lifts the anchor of sadness and isolation that prevents us from moving forward, and powers our sails with the wind of solitude, tranquility, hope and belief. It is like our best-friend. Yet, we allow it destruction, if not take part in it every single day. A more animistic view – I suppose it is time for use to help alleviate the pain nature is witnessing, not with a sense of charity, but with one of duty.