Rape: The Ceaseless Domino

A number of us wear earplugs when it is noisy, to cancel out any noise around us. However, more often than not, perhaps unintentionally, we do the same with what is happening around us in life.

Rape. It is extremely nauseating, the fact that I have to be told not to go out late at night, not to go to certain places, not to wear certain things. Why? Because it is not safe if I don’t. It is sickening, for a child to be told things like this because some men and women cannot, or rather, refuse to contain their emotions.

Just something I want to clarify here is that ALL RAPISTS ARE NOT MEN. Today, in India, more boys are victims of sexual abuse than girls (53% of the boys in India are victims of abuse). So the next time men and the families of boys think they do not have to worry- you do.

What is worse, is that many of our very own representatives in the executive, seem to believe that the problem lies not in the rapists, but in the victims. I fail to see any logic or reason in such accusations. I don’t understand why little children have to be told that they cannot be wearing something they want, they cannot go to places they want to because of such unhinged people. When someone gets raped, they are blamed for it. It is shameful.

I refuse to hear things like the girl led him on to do such a thing. Excuse me, but I would love for someone to explain to me how a 5-year-old led a 50-year-old man to rape her. Every syllable of such a statement lacks logic.

Somehow today we look up to people who have never raped or groped a woman or a child. Why is that? You are not brilliant to have never done such a repulsive deed, it simply makes you ordinary.

Is it our denial to act on such issues, or is it the victor’s refusal to comprehend. That is still unknown to me.

I refuse to live in a world like this. I don’t want children to be told that they must be careful because someone 6 times their age does not know how to behave. I don’t want children to live under a cloud of constant fear and trauma. When I open the newspaper every morning, I don’t want to be smothered by reading about how more children and more women were raped yet again. Every day seems to be the same, just a different name. Moreover, I hope that those more educated in matters as such, and with the means to, will help to move toward eradicating this issue. While the victims of such distressing incidents must be provided with help, I believe that organizations looking out to help in situations like this, must, focus on teaching people about boundaries, and counselling prospective victors.  We must educate those around us about rape. In retrospect, I also believe rape whistles must not only be provided to girls, but also to boys.

I hope that in the near future, we will not have to open another newspaper to find that yet another child has been raped. This has to end now before it takes its place in our lives and becomes an ideal of normalcy.

I would also like to refrain from saying that the child being raped could be your child, your brother, or your sister, for we say it every time we say our country’s pledge, and it is something that should be universally acknowledged: they ARE our brothers and they ARE our sisters. We must fight for them, and against what has already mutated into the epitome of hatred.



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