When I was younger, my bedtime would be at 9:30. I would be tucked in bed by 9:30, asleep by 10:00, with just about eight and a half hours of sleep before school. Sleeping after 11 o’clock would make me feel like I was breaking a rule or doing something very erroneous. I am fourteen years old today, and I am up at precisely 12:48 AM writing this. So it is quite blatant, a lot has changed. What was once considered by me as something so savage, to never be done is now a habitual aspect of my life.

When you ponder over it for a while, you come to the conclusion that this is just about what is happening to the world right now. And while the world has experienced a decent number of benefits from this, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. For example, although the rate of people moving to urban areas post 2000 has seen an upward slope, this has put tremendous strain on resources of the cities that these people are moving to. Or, that guns were provided for protection, but instead, have resulted in innumerable superfluous deaths.

20 years ago, only around 40% of the people were online, as compared to today, where nearly everybody is. But then again, the number of cyber-crimes and hacks has also increased bizarrely. The same with mobile phones too.

The television came along, it entertained people and offered jobs, yet at the same time it ruined people and belittled their attention spans to excruciating extents. It sucked the fun out of childhood was just an accomplice to creating more and more couched potatoes in the world.

Among the better things that have taken place, society certainly has witnessed some long-awaited alterations. Things like equality between blacks and whites, equality in workplaces between men and women at workplaces, gay marriage being legalized in several states etc.

Medicine too, has evolved prominently, much like the bills we get when we now visit hospitals too. I suppose there is no such thing as a free lunch. Even though health is something all humans deserve, we have to pay more and more for it. Also considering the increase in health problems in retrospect of the increasing technology epidemic.

Industries have grown, and are continuing to grow at great, rather frightening speeds. But you know when a person’s purpose shifts from making products for the betterment of the world to selling whatever people want to make big money, destruction is inevitable.

No matter how much we tell ourselves that the aftermath of industrialization is bad but its products are better, for how long can we pretend that the statement is true?

Global warming is underestimated greatly in our society, especially considering the fact that we have people in our society who believe that climate change will ‘change back.’ I don’t think people understand the gravity of the situation at hand. THE TEMPERATURE OF THE EARTH IS CONSISTENTLY INCREASING, POLAR ICE CAPS ARE MELTING, CARBON DIOXIDE LEVELS ARE INCREASING. The cyclones, storms and heat waves happening all around the world are NOT a coincidence. The formation of ozone holes, the increasing of water-levels, is much more threatening than most of us think it to be.

We have plans to colonize Mars soon, but if we do what we have done to earth to Mars or any other planet, I am afraid there will come a time when the obliteration would have gone to a self-destructive extent, sparing nobody, nothing.

I suppose the only appropriate way to end this would be to let you do some thinking now. Is the self-imposed end of the world closer than we think it is? Is change really beneficial at all?

“And I pray, oh my god do I pray, I pray every single day, for a revolution” 4 Non Blondes (What’s Up?)