It crosses my mind, often enough, the unspoken of superficiality of life in itself.

From the very first day of learning our A B Cs, to learning trigonometry, we comply by set guidelines we must follow in order to assert ourselves in life. As controversial as it is, most of us have thought to ourselves, at some point in our schooling lives, that if we do not pass this test, if we do not get that A+ our life will be left in apparent, shambles.

But the bitter truth is, that we are all tied down by the shackles of superficiality.

They don’t teach it to us in school. We simply live our lives completely oblivious to the very essence of life itself.

It is heartbreaking to see the extent to which people have been embittered by materialistic pleasures. How money seems to be everything today! It is fuel for the world. Although, in truth, the world here is fire. The fire is symbolic of the growing greed and sadism in the hearts of humans. We have to stop adding fuel to the fire.

I cannot quite understand, why money, that huge house with the pool and fancy cars is all that matters these days. At the mere age of fourteen, I already feel like I am morphing into someone whose life revolves around things like this. I do not want to, but I am because you turn out to be like the people around you. I am drowning in a sea of such people.

Money, in my opinion, is the root cause of so many major problems in the world today. From wars to bullying in schools.

I wish to live in a world where money is not everything. Where the world revolves around love, compassion, and positive energy. Where little children are educated not to earn money, but to earn goodness of heart.

Of course, eradicating money is not in any aspect a feasible solution, but all I am saying is that people should use the money for good. It is ever so imperative for people to understand that growing your own wealth, when people are dying and going hungry for days, is not right. However, apparently today money = respect.

The world needs to understand now more than ever that money is NOT respect. If respect is what people are aiming for, well, you earn respect by helping others. Life is not all about how many trailing zeros you have on your paycheck, it’s about how many memories you have made with others that leave them smiling. There is everything in the world to live for apart from money. Let us make our ambitions related to love, peace, happiness, and optimism. Let us liberate ourselves from monetary worries, simply because we can. For life would be so much better and meaningful without them.

To be clear, I am not saying you should make no money whatsoever, I am saying that excess of anything is harmful. Let us make enough money to live a basic life, but not wrap ourselves around it. Honestly, that 1500 dollar dress, that ridiculously overpriced phone, do not make you anything of value.

True value is measured on the basis of goodness. I wish to no longer be strangled by others’ opinions on what life is meant to be, I wish the same for you.