The Death of the Creator: Poetry

Many times I have come across students who look at their fellow classmates who enjoy and love poetry with nauseating disbelief. Well, in my highly disregarded opinion, I believe that a very decent bit of this disturbing prejudice is owing to the education system in place today. Where I am from, students till the 10th grade seem to be missing the essence of poetry. They slump and slowly drag themselves through English lessons in school.

Addressing the most common misunderstanding, which, I conclude to be the idea of ‘rote learning’ the meaning of poetry, seems imperative at this point. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MEMORISE THE MEANING OF A POEM. For those of you who are unaware of this, where I’m from, as money is for adults, marks are for children. And in sheer thirst for that which saps the joy of learning out of the minds of children, students decide to rote learn every single thing. That’s not what education is supposed to be.

Poetry is a dying art, one whose preservation is of utmost importance. The very quintessence of poetry is to formulate your own opinion on it. To interpret poetry the way you want to. And the thought of your perception being of power when it comes to poetry scares many students. Fright in a situation like this is a frivolous emotion to have. Imagine having words ever so beautiful at the tip of your fingers. The very thought of how when you are sad, the poem has a sad meaning to you, when you are happy the poem seems such, is a mindboggling thought. So the next time someone says that poetry is vague, that’s why. So that you make meaning out of those words that are mere bricks, waiting to be put one on top of each other. You build a house of perception.

Through poetry, you become more aware of what used to happen, what is happening. It gets you thinking about what is going to happen. The way words just flow into your mind, like a stream flowing with paramount tranquility, yet carrying fresh water to quench the thirst of all. However, if there is no desire to build your own view, you cannot ever enjoy poetry. You will only ever unlock your true thinking potential through poetry, the mother of perception, if you understand the ideals it stands for. Poetry = independent thought.

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