The Flower That Smiles Today

‘Mutability II’ also known as, ‘The Flower That Smiles Today,’ is a poem with the ability to drown you in a sea of meaning and profoundness. My perspective on a poem that possesses the uncanny ability to make you question life in itself.

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‘Time, Real and Imaginary’, an allegory by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. An intriguing piece, whose mere 11 lines manage to capture profound thought and wit. This post comprises my views on it, compiled in a brief fashion.

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A person’s beauty in somebody else’s eyes, in my opinion, is rather transient. You think a person is beautiful, they stay in your mind for a day, two days, a week, a month, but then they are just gone. The beauty of nature, on the other hand, appears to be perpetual. The grandeur and magnificence…

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When I was younger, my bedtime would be at 9:30. I would be tucked in bed by 9:30, asleep by 10:00, with just about eight and a half hours of sleep before school. Sleeping after 11 o’clock would make me feel like I was breaking a rule or doing something very erroneous. I am fourteen…

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Rape: The Ceaseless Domino

A number of us wear earplugs when it is noisy, to cancel out any noise around us. However, more often than not, perhaps unintentionally, we do the same with what is happening around us in life. Rape. It is extremely nauseating, the fact that I have to be told not to go out late at…

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The Nurse at the Park Bench

I am sitting here, in this coffee shop, surrounded by people, yet reaching the extremity of my loneliness. I’m praying that the twelfth graders sitting on the first floor will not notice me. There is this one, rather stupid, thought that I had yesterday, which is still lingering, I cannot get it out of my…

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It crosses my mind, often enough, the unspoken of superficiality of life in itself. From the very first day of learning our A B Cs, to learning trigonometry, we comply by set guidelines we must follow in order to assert ourselves in life. As controversial as it is, most of us have thought to ourselves,…

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The Death of the Creator: Poetry

Poetry: The creator of what I would like to believe is the most important intangible asset of all of mankind, perception, today is in threat of extinction for the superfluous reason that people perceive it to be something it is not. We must recall the true ideals of what poetry is.

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Kurt Cobain once said, “There are a lot of things I wish I would have done, instead of just sitting around and complaining about having a boring life.” I think it to be quite funny, how we think to ourselves that we are going to do big things with life, how we plan it all…

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Pull Down, or Push Up?

The other day at school I had a math test. I had studied the weekend before test, and was, well, decently confident about my preparation. On reaching my classroom, whilst I was in the process of recollecting a formula unknown to me just a few days ago, a friend of mine, a rather nervous and…

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